All geared for the upcoming T20 season? Well, you better be as we're offering massive discounts real-time on 18th Feb, 2021 a.k.a Auction Day! 

Sounds really cool, what do I need to do?


  • 1. Head over to FanCode's Twitter on Auction Day, i.e. 18th Feb 2021 & check out all the Auction-based posts
  • 2. RT your team's post to avail the discount before the auction & inform your friends! For. e.g, if you're an MI fan, Retweet FanCode's post for discount on MI merchandise and if that post has the most RTs at the end of the allotted time (Just before the auction at 3 PM), you will get a flat 30% discount across MI merchandise throughout the rest of the day!

    During Auction

    • 1. Follow each round of IPL Auction closely and get all the updates on FanCode Twitter
    • 2. If at the end of Round 1, if your team gets the most expensive player of the round for Rs. X Crores, you'll be eligible for discount of 2X% for that team's merchandise for the rest of the day! For e.g, If Glenn Maxwell goes to SRH for Rs. 8 Crores, get 16% discount on SRH merchandise for the rest of the day! 
    • 3. This process will be followed till the end of the auction.


    Awesome! I'm ready for the Mega Sale! How can I avail the discount?

    After the end of each phase (Pre-auction and During Auction), you'll get a Coupon Code MEGASALE which you can apply during checkout on Auction Day and get discount on your favourite team's merchandise!

    Thanks for clarifying! What if I my team's Twitter post gets the most RTs and buys the most expensive player too?

    If your team gets the most RTs by 3 PM, you'll eligible for 30% discount for the rest of the day and this value will NOT change even if the team ends up buying the most expensive player. In this scenario, the team that gets the second most expensive player in that round will avail the discount. 

    Alright! Are the discounts valid for all the teams?

    The discounts will be applicable for merchandise of Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

    What if my team's player buys the most expensive player in two consecutive rounds and buys higher-priced player in second round?

    Once a round ends, regardless of the price of the player, you'll get the discount. That discount % will then won't be changed for the rest of the day. For e.g., if MI buys Player X in Round 1 for 10 Crores, which is the most expensive buy in that round, you'll get 20% discount on MI merchandise for the rest of the day. If later, MI ends up buying a player in Round 2 which is of a higher price, that will not be counted! 

    Understood. What if my team doesn't buy the most expensive player in any round? 

    There's a surprise in store for you when that happens. Keep following the auction on FanCode's Twitter :)